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Welcome to the Johnny's WEST Fan Community. This is a place to share your love for these 6 Kansaimen and 1 Kansaiboy (Nozomu hardly is a man, right?) By love we mean: videos, audios, scans etc. What ever you might have and want to share with the rest of WEST's fandom. Of course we also have some rules in order to join:

1. Be nice! No bashing of community and group members.
2. Tag everything properly, if you're not sure, write so in the post, the mods will help.
3. Always credit the source of posted files.
4. Sorry, no fan-fiction, please.
5. Always lock your entries for members only.
6. DO NOT REPOST THE LINKS ELSEWHERE! NO STREAMING! Members caught doing so will be prosecuted, I swear to god! The reason why this is a locked community is to be the last dead-end of links and files. Whatever gets posted here shall not be posted elsewhere.

DISCLAIMER: Sorry, but we don't accept external accounts. Only liverjournal.

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